Looking For A Better Fundraiser Idea?

Fundraiser events include 4 hours of unlimited laser tag for up to 200 people, and are available Tuesday - Thursday nights, holidays excluded. Your organization can book a laser tag fundraiser on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday night for only $600, and keep all the revenues that you raise from laser tag game sales. Your organization can raise more than $1,000 in a single night.

If you bring:

65 people @ $15 = $975 
You keep $375!

85 people @ $15 = $1,275 
You keep $675!!

105 people @ $15 = $1,575 
You keep $975!!!

Ultrazone will also provide you with pre-sale tickets at your request free of charge(!) to help you maximize sales. What's more, each fundraiser ticket doubles as a pass good for one free game of laser tag, so even if someone can't attend the actual fundraiser, they can still support your cause while getting a free game of laser tag to use for another day!

Optional drinks, food, and/or party rooms are also available for an additional charge. All laser tag fundraiser events must allow casual players to participate, but that extra revenue still goes directly to your organization.

For more information on fundraising, birthday parties, group events, or laser tag in general, don't hesitate to call us at (800) 309-1876

Reservations are necessary.
Fundraisers are NOT available Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights,
 nor are they available on holidays under any circumstances.